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Malka Y: “After graduating from physical therapy, I felt very safe working out one on one with Gursu.  He is an exercise physiologist with a Master’s degree.  He understands anatomy and how the body works.  His background in professional sports and teaching is the perfect combination for someone who can spur you on to achieve your fitness, making it fun, yet challenging at the same time. He is like your big brother or favorite teacher who knows how to inspire you to steadily work towards your goals.  I highly recommend Boston In Home Fitness”     


Carol S: “I have worked with Gursu for the past months and have noticed an increased flexibility as well as strength.  From the start, I was impressed with Gursu’s professional manner and how he took the time to discuss my health, my goals, needs, and limitations.  Week by week he has designed a program not only that I use during his visits but carries me through each week. Gursu builds on  the exercises and movements each week which results in challenging me and increased results.  I am never bored.  He takes the time to explain each movement, what muscles are involved and how important the correct form when doing the exercise.  Gursu is personable, has a wonderful sense of humor and is very motivating.  He puts so much into the planning and instruction of each visit that it motivates me to continue and reach for the next level. Finally, Gursu listens to me, encourages me along the way, is available if I have any questions and makes my exercise program tailored to me and not just a “canned” routine.   For the first time that I can remember, I actually look forward to my workouts”


Barry C: “I have had numerous sessions with Gursu and found him to be extremely knowledgeable and extremely helpful. As a senior with the usual accompanying issues–arthritis, old joints, lack of fitness, etc.–Gursu has designed exercises and challenges that were appropriate for me. But more than that, I find myself growing stronger, more flexible, and more fit each week.

  He approaches my workouts with humor and creativity. He keeps me motivated”